Welcome to the very heart of Appness – the Apps catalog. As the name promptly suggets, in this section, you can browse through all apps currently published on our platform and pick some to your liking.

1. Pick an App

Spanning dozens of genres and aiming for various audiences, we're sure you'll have no trouble finding an app that you will be enjoy working with.

1.1 The best way to pick an app

Just scroll through the list until you go like, 'SPOT ON, I KNOW HOW TO MAKE A KILLER AD FOR THIS ONE!'. That might not be a scientific method, but a working one nonetheless.

1.1. Reading an App Card – The Slightly More Reasonable Way to Pick an App

  • Preview picture
  • App Name
  • Publisher name
  • Description
  • App Store information

2. App Details - For When You're Extremely Picky

Ain't the kind to fall in love at first sight, even if it's a mobile app? Well, you can always learn more on every application in the catalog from its Application Center page.

Just click on he 'App Details' button, as shown in the example below:

Each Application Center has four tabs you can switch between:

  • Overview
    As the name suggests, this tab allows you to see all the general information on the application you selected;
  • Guidelines
    Here you can find design requirements and instructions created specifically for the app you selected. Please take the time to study App Guidelines carefully – not only does it take a lot of guesswork from the design process, but also significantly increases the chances of passing the review process. We only approve creatives that comply with the requrements and restrictions specified in the Guidelines;
  • Library
    Some advertiser provide ready-to-use source files and stock materials (like brand logos) you can use while designing your own creatives;
  • Store Info
    Basically, here you can see the information displayed on the app's page in Apple iTunes and/or Google Play. This may prove helpful in learning how the app is officially marketed to the general public.

3. Go to the Upload Section

Once you've made up your mind (take your time though) and picked THE app, click on the 'Upload Creatives' button – and let the (slightly) funn(ier) part begin!