Quick Reference: Creative

Q: So ugh... what's this 'Creative' you're talking about?

A: A 'creative' is just a fancy term for 'ad' or 'advert' commonly used on Facebook and throughout the online advertising industry in general.

In the realm of Facebook mobile ads, creatives can come in numerous formats, but eseentially they're just varieties of static banners and video ads.

1. Read the Guidelines

Whenever you begin to work with a new app, it is vital to go through the Guidelines – design requirements and instructions created specifically for this particular app.

You can always access the Guidelines either from the 'Upload Creatives' menu, or from the corresponding tab in the App Details menu:

Please take the time to study App Guidelines carefully – not only does it take a lot of guesswork from the design process, but also significantly increases the chances of passing the review process. We only approve creatives that comply with the requrements and restrictions specified in the Guidelines.

2. Design your Ads

Take advantage of the guidelines and media provided by the advertiser to design your creatives using your favorite design application (like Photoshop, Gimp, Inkscape etc.)

3. Upload your Ads

When you're done crafting your media files, simply click or drag and drop them on the Uploader screen, as shown in the example below:

What's Next

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