Q:How do I order a payment?

  1. Go to your profile's 'Payment Settings' menu, fill in your Payment Details and submit them for review by our compliance department;
  2. Review the final sum of your payment with your manager
    Currently, all payouts are approved manually by Appness administrators. Please note that all payouts need to be approved first before they're added to your Appness account's credit balance.
  3. When both the payout sum and your payment details have been approved, click on the 'Billing' button in the navigation menu;
  4. Switch to the 'Payments' tab;
  5. Finally, proceed by clicking on the 'Order Payment' button, agreeing to all payment details and placing your order.

And that about does it! You will now see that your order has been added to the tab and assigned the 'Ordered' status. This means your Account Manager has begun processing your order. You can track the progress of your orders either from this tab or from your Dashboard.