Getting to the "how" of coming up with ideas for a creative sometimes takes understanding the who's , where's, what's and when's of it. The below will give you a headstart on Facebook advertising 101 so you could better understand where your submissions end up being shown.

Who Will See my Creatives?

Each advertiser targets a certain audience which may be limited by age, region, gender, interests or any other parameter depending on the app they are seeking to promote. The audience is comprised of Facebook and Instagram users who fall under these requirements. What you should definetely consider in this regard is the region as it defines the language you use in the creatives and the currency where applicable. Besides, in some cases other parameters are worth taking into considereation as well: for instance, a potential finance app user will likely miss out on the reference in your creative if you add something like "Gotta cash 'em all" to it.

Where Will my Creatives be Placed

Depedning on a number of factors, including but not limited to the resolution and aspect ratio, your creatives may appear in Facebook feed, Instagram feed or Instagram story. When designing your creative, think whether it will catch the eye when placed in either of those channels.

What Will they Actually See

If you have ever come across an ad while idly scrolling through any social media feed, you may have noticed that it is accompanied with a short text and a compelling call to action (i.e. Install now). While Appness takes care of that for you, it is still important to keep in mind when choosing to add any text to your creative. Besides, some of your creatives may be placed right next to others in a carousel.

When Will my Creative be Shown

Generally speaking, your creatives are launched into the wild shortly after they are approved and stay out there for as long as they show positive results. In some cases, however, the creative may not bring any profit right away – there are circumstances where it takes a couple of days for an ad to become successfull. Since there is no universal magic formula in the hectic world of Facebook advertising, one type of creative may be profitable one day and not so much the other, there is a constant demand for new ideas and approaches from you.