This article will guide you through the process of reviewing and managing your Appness Account's Payment Settings – from submitting all details for the first time to reviewing the already existing data.


Some information in this article may be out of date. We'll update it as soon as possible, but meanwhile – should you have any questions regarding this section, please feel free to contact support.

1. Accessing Payment Settings

To access your Payment Settings, first click on either your profile picture or name in the upper right corner of the interface, then point and click the 'Profile Settings' button, as shown in the example below:

Payee Name, Payment Method and Details

2.1 Payee Name

So as to make sure that all payments are delivered on time and with no complications, we kindly require you to please provide the full name of the person receiving the payments from Appness. This name should match the one provided in your banking information.

Here's an example of acceptable and unacceptable name formats:

Eric Wood


  • Eric
  • Eric W.
  • EricWood
  • Seriously, Eric does it

2.2 Payment Method & Details

If you're a Private Individual or the owner of a Private Team:
You can choose from one of the two payment methods available:

  • ePayments
  • Tipalti (supports PayPal, Wire Transfer and Prepaid Debit Card as payment options)

If you're a Legal Entity
The payment method for all Legal Teams has been switched from 'Wire' to Tipalti. Naturally, if you would like to continue receiving your payments via Wire transfers, it is still possible – simply select the 'Wire' option when filling in the Tipalti form.

If you're a Media Buyer representing a legal entity (company, agency etc.) please contact your account manager to change your payment method to 'wire transfer' if this is your method of preference.

Please proceed by entering the payment details into the corresponding form, i.e. the 'Payment Details' section should contain all the information required to transfer a payment to your ePayment wallet.

3. Verification Documents

Next, you will need to provide copies or scanned images of at least two documents that verify your identity and payment credentials:

  • A copy of any Identity Document or Passport;
  • A Utility Bill;
  • (optional) a Driver's License
We only require these documents for banking security reasons and will keep this information confidential

4. Tax Information

Finally, we'll ask you to provide all tax-related information:

  • Your Tax Identification Number(TIN)
  • Your Country of Tax Registration
  • Your VAT number (if available)

It is also possible to provide any additional information related to your account's payment settings in the 'Additional Comments' section.

5. Submitting Payment Information

When you're ready to submit your payment information, first click on the 'Save' button to preserve all changes, then click on the 'Submit for Approval' button.

Once our compliance department has finished verifying the information you provided, you will receive a corresponding notification. You should also notice a pale-green 'your payment details are approved' alert at the top of the interface. From this point on, you will be able to place payment orders using the Appness Billing System.

Please note that once your payment details have been approved, you cannot change them from this menu. If you need to change or update any payment-related information, please contact your Account Manager.

This concludes the Payment Settings tutorial. If you have any questions or difficulties at this step, please feel free to contact our support service – we're always there to help.