There is no denial the creative part is pivotal for any advertising; yet, Facebook and Instagram bring a whole lot of nuances and subtleties into it which may not always be accounted for when working on a particular creative. To make sure each and every of your submissions complies with numerous guidelines and policies, Appness has developed an intricate approval system, simply known as moderation.

Moderation in a Nutshell

Moderation is aimed at helping you to design the right creative at the right time, which, if you are new to Facebook advertising, may take some trial and error, so treat it as a learning experience (because it actually is). Generally speaking, the process goes as follows:

  • Having read all the guidelines and recommendations generously provided by the app of your choice, you jump right into the creative process, come up with, say, 7 banners and upload them to the Creatives Center. All 7 of them will be assigned with 'Pending' status.
  • The advertiser reviews them one by one and approves the ones he's content with. Let's say, 5 of your creatives were approved. The unfortunate two will be declined with a comment, explaining what exactly went wrong. The status of those creative will also be changed to 'Declined'. The remaining 5 will still be in 'Pending' status.
  • Next, it's Appness moderator's turn. Our specialists make sure your submissions comply with the Facebook advertising policy and are in tune with what has been found to perform particularly well for this app. If your creatives check both boxes, they are assigned with 'Approved' status, otherwise they are declined with, again, a comment from the moderator.

Let's Talk About It

Another possible scenario is getting a 'Discussion' status, which simply means that either advertiser or moderator would like to ask something about the content you uploaded. Specifically, if you use any third party provided media (a stock image, for instance) they may ask for a proof you are allowed to do so. In some cases they may request a link to the item you used. All in all, there is nothing be scared of or discouraged about: just post a reply in a due manner and wait for the next status change.

Declined is Not Denied

Okay, admittedly getting your creatives declined may be frustrating. But don't let the frustration take over and make you give up on launching any graphic editor ever again: it just means that the creative cannot be accepted 'as is' for one reason or another. All you need to do is to take a deep breath, read the comment and make all the changes you were asked to do.

Prevention is the Best Cure

While there is no fool-proof algorithm for having all of your submissions approved at all times, we've prepared guidelines and recommendations to give you a head start on working with any app from the catalogue. We strongly recommend giving a thorough read to all materials from the Application Center beforehand and checking back on them every now and again for updates and new ideas. Besides, if you have never delved into online advertising before, consider reading our Knowledge base section dedicated to its basics and general design recommendations.

How Long Does it Take

Moderation time averages from two to five days, depending on the app. This, however, does not mean you should idle away while we review your creatives: look for more apps you would like to work with or submit more creatives for the same one.