The cornerstone of the online advertisment, a static banner or, simply put, an image, seems to be a no-brainer, yet there are nuances to take care of when you promote a specific product (a mobile application) via a certain channel (Facebook or Instagram in our case). Take a note of the points below to get fully equipped before you dive right into the creative process.

Qualify Quality-wise

While Facebook and Instagram ads may come in various shapes and sizes, the recommended resolutions below guarantee your creatives will look top-notch in any feed they happen to be placed:

  • 1200x628 - Facebook and Instagram;
  • 1080x1080 - Facebook carousel and Instagram;
  • 1080х1920 - Facebook, Instagram and Instagram stories.

Use your Resources Wisely

Each app in the catalogue comes with Guidelines and Library designed to set you off to the right course: all information on what is important to include and to avoid, as well as recommendations on what kind of creatives work best and materials you can base your creatives on are always just a few clicks away. Besides, you can use any other materials you have at your disposal, however, please remember to provide a proof you are allowed to do so whenever possible (e.g. a receipt from Shutterstock).

Show What the App is All About

In your creative, try to show what the app you are promoting does: surely, it is the creative that grasps the attention in the first place, however avoid getting too misleading. The goal is to reach the right person with the right message, so for instance – if you are working with a fitness app, try to show some of the different tools on the app and share why it's important to track these things using the app. If you happen to have some impressive numbers or stats about the app (i.e. the number of songs available on a music app or the number of minutes a particular utility app can save you per day), try to incorporate them into your creative.

Add Text Sparingly

Aim to include as little text as possible and make sure the text does not take more than 20% of the image. Below you will find some tips and tricks on how you can do that:

  • Use as few words as possible and try reducing the font size;
  • Avoid spreading the text all over the image;
  • Keep in mind that text-based logos, watermarks and numbers are considered as text;
  • Don't forget that your creative will be accompanied with a short text and a call-to-action button, which covers some of the basics, so it's safe to skip a text like 'Install now' or 'Buy now' if it does not add any value to it.

Give it a Swirl

If you feel like you are trying to put too much into one creative or would like to showcase several features as one unit, opt for a carousel – a format that allows you to combine up to 10 images into a single ad.